About Tiffany

Hi There! It means so much to me that you are visiting my blog!!


Life is such a journey, right?! We are each navigating through the hand we were dealt and pursuing a deeper meaning of it all through each turn we make. Like most, I’ve made a few wrong turns along the way! But thankfully I found God’s grace, an awesome man who loves ALL of me and have had the privilege of becoming a mother.  Today I live on two acres in the country and care for two growing boys as well as eight chickens, a vegetable garden and lots of flowers.  I strive each day to create a beautiful life for my family through unwavering faith, loving commitment and diligent patience.  This is all expressed in my blog through my parenting exploits, adventurous on “our stead” and both inward and outward advances towards self-improvement.

If you cherish motherhood, love to grow, create and decorate! or simply want to glow inside and out, then this blog is for you! Journey along side of me – for I am JUST LIKE YOU- making the best of the life I was given and hoping to leave a beautiful footprint behind. Lots of love, Tiffany

*Please, keep in mind, that all ideas or tips shared are a reflection of my opinion and based on my personal experience.