Stop the Inner Chatter

I read something really powerful this morning. It got me thinking about self-doubt and the lies I allow to continually filter through my brain. Thoughts such as “I am not good enough”, “Who do I think I am?”, “And I am an inconsistent mess” play on my mind quite often disrupting my ability to faithfully pursue my ambitions.

I’ve started a book called Crash the Chatterbox by Steven Furtick. It was recommended by a friend, and we are using it as a group study with several women this fall. In the first chapter he details how we allow lies to creep through our minds –an endless chatter of negativity, self doubt and insecurity. This chatter gets the best of us too often and as he quotes from Brennan Manning, “Great deeds remain undone and the possibility of growth into greatness of soul is aborted”.

Reading his words moved me to self reflect. What lies do I allow to take center stage in my life? How are they holding me back from my aspirations and ability to grow?

Immediately I thought of my blog. In full disclosure, I often feel ineligible to have my words printed for others to read. I feel insecure in my abilities and the possibility that someone might relate to my soul searching. But this negative self-talk can be debilitating and I sell myself short of my full potential.

In reality, maybe someone out there is as green and excited to learn as me. A passion to grow things and make something from nothing is also possibly valued by others. And the thoughts that cross my mind are not nonsensical. Perhaps there are many who can relate and appreciate my transparency.

It’s scary to put yourself out there, or as I said months ago, open our windows. But fear can be a dangerous thing. It can withhold us from our greatest ambitions. It can scorch the fire in our souls that burns for the truth. It can relinquish a dream and as popularly said, allow a song to go unsung.

So I will not be the victim to lies. I will not sell myself short or believe what I am capable of is of any less value than another. The words of God have taught me otherwise.

I quote Psalms 139:14 to my boys all the time; “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”. And it’s true. We each were made in our own fashion, an individual uniqueness that just needs embraced. I challenge us all to recognize the beauty that lies within us. Identify the chatter and consider the lies. For as Furtick says in his book, “the voice you believe will determine the future you experience”.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Awesome words of encouragement. We all need to embrace who we and who God created us to be for Him. I too need to remove the clutter and allow the clarity of Gods spirit speak to me. Love you Tiffany and continue to allow God to use you to speak words of encouragement to others.


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