Let’s Talk: Flowers & Homemade Essential Oil Tick Repellent


For me, late spring brings that nagging itch to be outside as much as possible! I love azaleas, tulips and the other early spring blooming flowers but my absolute favorites open up in late spring, greeting me just as my intense allergy symptoms tend to calm down.  Just this week both my peonies and rhododendrons opened up and as per my yearly tradition, I couldn’t help but pull out my fancy Nikon camera and snap a few pictures.  My photographic ability does them no justice (one day I will learn how to properly use that thing).  They are fragrant and gorgeous!


I have such a love for the flowers I delicately care for year after year.  There is a process and an expectation that goes along with each yearly bloom.  My peonies, for example are cut back each fall, properly protected with mulch twice a year and hoisted up with supports as soon as they begin popping up in early spring.

My roses and hydrangeas and on their way to blooming and I expect their elegant luster any day now (don’t you worry, I will take pictures! haha).  They equally require care and attention.  Both of these long blooming perennials need bug maintenance from time to time and benefit from fresh ground coffee sprinkled in their soil.  I prune them regularly to keep them blooming to their fullest potential.

I simply love caring for flowers.  They not only add a visual appeal to my yard but blossom under proper care. Like my children and pets, they benefit from extra love and attention!

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This is the time of the year, I must also give a lot of care to repelling ticks.  We spend the majority of our free time outside and daily checks are a priority.  Last year I took some interest in essential oils and discovered a recipe for a natural tick repellent that is kid and pet safe! I had most of the ingredients on hand so whipped it up.  Every since using the spray on our family I haven’t found a single tick!

A and I made up another double batch this morning.  He loves helping – it’s like a science project! Both boys also love the smell of the rose oil and never complain about being sprayed before heading outside (sunblock on the other hand is a struggle!).  So Major win for this recipe!


I ordered the glass bottle off Amazon and picked up the rose oil from a local holistic shop.  It takes only a few minutes to make and again, it is safe for your pets! I am currently researching whether or not this might be safe to spray on my chickens as well!

Homemade Tick Repellent Recipe:

-1 tbsp vodka or witch hazel

-40 drops Rose Geranium Oil

-1/3 cup distilled water

Mix in a glass spray bottle and spray liberally to prevent ticks!

I obtained the recipe from Kelly at Primally Inspired.  Here is the link: www.primallyinspired.com/homemade-tick-spray-natural-repellant

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  1. Hello. Nice post and recipe for tick repellant.


    1. tcorrado5 says:

      Thank you! It has really worked for us so far ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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