Spring is finally in full swing! It actually has been for a few weeks but I am just coming up for air from the tidal wave of chaos that this season brings.  Prepping the garden, planting flowers, laying mulch, spring cleaning the house, oh, and raising baby chickens, has kept our heads spinning around our little stead.  On top of all this, school activities have increased, the baseball season is underway (with which I somehow earned myself the title of “team mom”) and everyone under the sun is throwing some sort of celebratory party!

It’s that time of life, where self reflection and quiet time take a backseat to keeping up with the every day.  I haven’t had the time or energy to read a book, do a yoga session or sit down and write.  This happens from time to time in our lives – we get so busy that we’re struggling to keep up with it all.  But it balances out soon enough. And with baseball ending in two weeks, one of the groups I help lead coming to a close and the yard work being finalized, I feel a sense of relief knowing calm waters are just ahead.

Each season of the year brings some sort of excitement and busyness. Winter invites our favorite holidays, spring entails yard work and parties, summer is full of trips to the pool or beach and fall is the start of another school year.  I enjoy each season for the events they escort into our lives and try to move through each one with an appreciation for the memories they usher in.

Reflecting on this has me thinking about the “seasons of life”.  It’s a popular saying I am sure most of us have heard of as there is no denying it’s existence or profound impact on our lives.  Transitioning gracefully through each phase takes a certain confidence, thankfulness and hope.  Without these, terms such as mid-life crisis and empty nesting come about.

I am in a cherished phase right now.  It’s one that can be wished away in moments of exhaustion but is held on tightly for everything it entails.  My children are young, my marriage is still quite new and together we are in the building phase of what is our beautiful life.  My wrinkles are still few, I can run several miles at a time and my babies look at me as if the world revolves on my fingertip.  There is no shortage of hugs, tender kisses or “I love you”s  – life is good!

There are times I quip how nice my 20’s were – I could lose five pounds in a week and had the freedom to work and live as I pleased.  But those years could never live up to the beauty I am surrounded by now.  Despite the demands of motherhood, sharing my life with another or caring for our home – I am living in the moment of what I wanted my life to be.

There is the knowing however, that like spring, this season will end.  I will have to send my babies off to college, let them out from under my wing and transition from full time mom to full time #1 fan.  My marriage will be different – much more “lived in” with a need for attention as our family “changes”. And what might jolt me the most in this profession of motherhood that I have chosen – is the sudden release from being as needed.  No one will need me to bring them lunch, pick them up from baseball practice or hold them when they’re sick.  My purpose will feel abruptly unrenowned.

I hope I can move through these seasons with poise knowing my purpose and plan for each position of life.  It’s scary to think of now – what will the next phase bring?  But I have a hope that I am confident enough to embrace each shift in my story.  I want to hold tightly to the years I am living, cherishing each moment as it occurs, yet loosely enough to glide onto the next moment with eager expectation.

I pray I never fall victim to wanting yesterday over tomorrow. For as Solomon so wisely wrote in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “For everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven”.  In other words, every phase, and the occurrences it envelopes, is placed appropriately in our lives. We must embrace each one, and most of all, welcome each new season with a joyful expectancy for the hope that it brings.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Beautifully said!!

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  2. Debbie says:

    Beautifully written. We need to cherish all the seasons of life. In a blink of a eye there are less years to life then what has been lived. 🙂

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