Integrating Chicks into the Flock

Eight weeks ago our family adopted two Ameraucanas and two Rhode Island Red chicks.  Bringing home new little babies is so exciting.  The boys love picking them out, holding them in their hands and naming each new little face.  They are so delicate and helpless.  We are tasked with teaching them where to find their…

Treasured Blooms: Planting Dahlias

It’s so nice to see them dazzling in the garden when many other summer blooms begin fading away. Much like our elderly friends, whose wisdom from simpler times should always be treasured.

Making Time for Nothing

I’m determined to give my children time, uninterrupted space, to explore and discover the world around them.

Rid the Villains: Oatmeal Apple Cookies

We’ve purged the house of TBHQ and high fructose corn syrup. This apple oatmeal cookie recipe is a quick, easy and delicious alternative to other processed options.

Stop the Inner Chatter

We need to learn to turn off the negative inner chatter that keeps us from pursuing our ambitions.

Our First Loss

Anyone who follows my blog knows that five months ago I became the mother to seven little baby chicks. Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Moanna, Tianna, Pocahontas and Belle are my fluffy hens who now reside in a largely renovated coop on our property and bless us with fresh eggs each morning! I shared in “Operation Chicken…

Zucchini Pizza Casserole & Double Chocolate Bread

It’s now mid-July and my garden is flourishing! I harvested my largest bounty yet this week, which made me excited to not only cook some of my favorite fresh-from-the-garden dishes but also, prep for the winter months. Last year I gave canning a try for the first time and just loved being able to enjoy…